Our desirable baby

Many thanks to everyone from Sanatorium Helios, who has helped us to have our baby of desire. Thank you for your care, patience and empathy. We wish all your clients, that their way towards the baby is successful. Thank you very much, we are happy, that...


Thank you very much for our dream, that has come true! Thank to you, our sonnie Paul was born: 3310 g 47 cm Biggest thanks to dr. Pavel Texl    


We would like to express many thanks to the team of Sanatorium Helios for fullfilling of our dream  


Dear Mr Texl, we would like to thank you and your clinic for your the great help in fulfilling our dream. In the middle of April, 2018, our son Radim was born to us, 3790 g, 51 cm. We wish you many successes!


Hello, thanks to all team  members under the leading by dr. Texl, especially dr. Alena Filková, who had taken care for us, we have become parents directly after 1. IVF / KET. Our boy: Simon ... 14. 4. 2018 ... 3520g and 50cm.


We would like to thank to every member of the SANATORIUM HELIOS team and, above all, to doctor Texl. After our first attempt, our beloved Jack was born. His weigh was 3370 g and he was 49 cm long. We can recommend your clinic to everyone.


Hello, I want to thank to Helios Sanatorium so very much for being the happiest mom in the world.


Our big THANK YOU !!! GRAZIE !!! we cannot express enough the joy that we are really experiencing! This is the treasure we found at your clinic  Paolo, September 2017, 51cm - 3490g We wish you many successes like this...


We want to thank so much to the entire Sanatorium Helios Team, thanks to whom we could become the proud parents of our little Sebie. Our journey to happiness has lasted 5 years, when we underwent 6x IVF in another center, and then we found your clinic...

Jack and Matty

A half-year ago, thanks to your sanatorium I brought to world my two wonderful sons, many thanks to all the staff. You are really the right people in the right places.