Do you know that IVF patients often spend money on methods that do not bring them a better result?

We always try to work effectively for the benefit of our patients, so that they can get pregnant as soon as possible. While other centers have been “selling” for many years to patients the embryo selection on the basis of camera monitoring of their development and these centers have been purchasing systems that are very imperfect and obsolete in terms of cultivation conditions, we have waited for many years to develop the most modern GERI incubators combine both time lapse imaging and embryo development – and it is much more important – quality cultivation conditions. Time-lapse has so far shown itself as an interesting idea, but it has not yet been demonstrated that an embryo selection has been improved on the basis of evaluation of morpho-kinetic development parameters. 

For us, it is still a priority to have a comprehensive examination of both partners, quality monitored stimulation, proper timing of egg collection and a suitable sperm selection method, prolonged blastocyst culture, and a reliable embryo cryopreservating method that allows both embryo transfer, PGT and transfer delay in the natural cycle (frozen embryo transfer).

During the last 2 years of using GERI incubators they have brought gaining more quality embryos to our embryology lab , which also have better developmental potential compared to embryos cultivated in MINC incubators (but many centers in the Czech Republic do not use even these mini-incubators…).

The gain of quality embryos in GERI is by 23 % higher than in the MINC incubator. In addition, fetal heart activity (ASP+) in pregnancy from embryos grown in GERI is by 13 % higher than in embryos cultured in MINC.

So if your embryos are cultivated in the GERI incubator, you have a better chance of getting even more children from one IVF cycle. Cultivation at GERI gives not only more quality embryos, but they also have a better prognosis of further development.

At a symposium organized by the company Merck in Pilsen, our head of our IVF Laboratory, RNDr. Kateřina Wagnerová, has presented the latest results of another breakthrough technology – GAVI vitrification machine. At Sanatorium Helios we have been using the 4th generation of vitrification techniques since 2006 and we are constantly improving. Our current data shows that embryos frozen on GAVI give rise to 14.2 % more biochemical pregnancies and 33.2 % more clinical pregnancies with fetal heart activity (ASP+) compared to the previously used Cryotop method.

Be curious and ask, what investition in IVF process is reasonable and makes sense and what does not.